Our Mission Statement

Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition and inspired by the social justice values of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, Regis College is a welcoming and inclusive community. We are called to provide access to an academically rigorous education through innovative learning opportunities and collaborative engagement at all degree levels. We educate the whole person, preparing our students to pursue excellence, to become change agents in their own communities, and to serve and lead as advocates for a more just and compassionate global society.

Core Values of the Sisters of St. Joseph

  • Gracious hospitality
  • Love and service of the Dear Neighbor without distinction
  • Peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Care for all God’s creation

The Catholic Identity of Regis College

As a Catholic university, Regis College embraces the Catholic intellectual and social justice tradition by embodying and living the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph characterized in excellence tempered by gentleness, peace, and joy. We espouse the following standards:

The Pursuit Of Truth

In the search for truth we recognize the necessity of transcending the bounds of reason into the realm of faith.

Pursuit of academic excellence requires the centrality of teaching and learning throughout the disciplines, critical inquiry, and honest dialogue.

Social Justice

In our commitment to service of others, we value social justice and challenge ourselves to reach out to the marginalized, “the dear neighbor.”

We commit ourselves to advancing the common good and strive to assume personal and social responsibility for our actions.


In creating and maintaining a vibrant university we work toward a community, which is intentional, welcoming and supportive of all, and we encourage behavior that cultivates right relationships at every level.

Commitment to excellence with gentleness, peace and joy impels us to be hospitable, inclusive and responsive to the needs of all.

Formation Of The Whole Person

In recognition that the human person is created in God’s image and likeness, we seek to live out the moral dimension, which manifests itself in personal integrity.

An outlook grounded in Christian values demands a spirituality that integrates daily life and work.

Sacramental Vision Of Life

In acknowledging that all creation is sacred, manifesting the presence of God, we value ritual and symbol as necessary expressions of our faith community.

Reverencing all of God’s creation demands that we embrace conscious stewardship of our earth.