Our Mission Statement

Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition and inspired by the social justice values of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, Regis College is a welcoming and inclusive community. We are called to provide access to an academically rigorous education through innovative learning opportunities and collaborative engagement at all degree levels. We educate the whole person, preparing our students to pursue excellence, to become change agents in their own communities, and to serve and lead as advocates for a more just and compassionate global society.

Core Values of the Sisters of St. Joseph

  • Gracious hospitality
  • Love and service of the Dear Neighbor without distinction
  • Peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Care for all God’s creation

Our Catholic Identity

Central to our identity as a Catholic institution is our engagement with the Catholic intellectual tradition. Universal in its breadth and interest, the tradition has existed for more than 2,000 years and speaks to our responsibility to all humanity and the common good. Fundamental to the premise is that faith and reason, when engaged together, can lead to a wisdom, integrity, and wholeness that is a Catholic hallmark.

Also central to our Catholic identity is our commitment to Catholic social teaching, lived out by embodying the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, as characterized by “excellence tempered by gentleness, peace, and joy.”

As a Catholic university, Regis espouses the following ideals: inclusive excellence; academic excellence; access; formation of the whole person; and, responsiveness to the common good.

  • Inclusive Excellence

    Inclusive excellence is the cornerstone of the legacy and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. “The Dear Neighbor” is each one of us. As members of the Regis community, we are called to love, serve, and respect each other “without distinction” for who we are, where we come from, or who we are becoming. We strive to create an environment in which each member of the community can develop a sense of belonging, where diversity is championed and identities are celebrated. A vibrant university means a vibrant community, where we all take responsibility for providing a welcoming environment.

    As we work to achieve Inclusive Excellence, we have committed to educating ourselves and others through Brave Space trainings, diversity training for faculty and staff, identity-based programming to promote belonging on campus, and collaboratively working with campus partners such as Center for Ministry and Service and Center for Student Engagement to support our students, staff, and faculty in their social justice development.

  • Academic Excellence

    In our community, pursuit of academic excellence requires the centrality of informed teaching and learning throughout the disciplines, including critical inquiry and honest dialogue. In addition to the faculty across the four schools, staff in the Center for Instructional Innovation, Office of Accessibility Services, Regis Archives, Finucane and O'Sullivan Institute for Learning, Library, Academic Advising and the Fine Arts Center all contribute to what it means to be intellectually engaged and curious by collaborating with faculty to develop teaching methodologies, public lectures, research opportunities, grant-writing, art exhibits, and theater performances.

  • Access

    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston’s legacy is highlighted by efforts to “meet the needs of the times.” When Regis was founded in 1927, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston opened up doors to Catholic girls who may not otherwise have had an opportunity to pursue higher education. From going co-educational in 2007, to the adoption of fully online degrees, 3-year degree programs and bachelor's completion programs, the method of providing access has evolved to meet the needs of each generation. The Regis in Haiti Project was founded in 2007 to advance nursing education and the nursing profession with the goal of improving health care outcomes in Haiti. Regis North in Lawrence, founded in 2015, offers educational opportunities to students in the Merrimack Valley.

    Regis believes in investing in our students’ potential. A high percentage of our students receive merit scholarships or need-based aid from the university. First-generation college students make up about 25% of our undergraduate population. Through identity-centered programming, peer mentoring, and utilization of on-campus resources, our first-generation students can thrive academically, socially, and professionally.

    At Regis, we are also proud to support veterans and their families in furthering their education and prepare them for the workplace.

    Our intergenerational campus includes the Children’s Center, named 2017 Program of the Year by the National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers, and a Lifelong Learning program (LLARC) for senior adults with a passion for learning.

  • Formation of the Whole Person

    Acknowledging that all creation is sacred, the Regis community is committed to each individual’s well-being, as well as their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, ethical, and physical development.

    Within the Division of Student Affairs and Undergraduate Enrollment, Regis offers multiple programs and initiatives such as community building through our Residence Life department; leadership development through the Student Government Association and clubs and organizations; co-curricular learning and traditional social events provided by our Center for Student Engagement; the fostering of spiritual life and service to the Dear Neighbor with our Center for Ministry and Service; and development of the whole student by encouraging academic excellence, a commitment to community service, and good sportsmanship exemplified by our Department of Athletics. Through these initiatives, the Division of Student Affairs and Undergraduate Enrollment provides a rich, holistic experience for the entire Regis community.

    Our graduate students are working professionals dedicated to enhancing their careers while balancing multiple responsibilities in their lives. They place value on contributing to the community and creating positive change across the world. Throughout their academic experience at Regis, whether online or on-campus, each student has professional academic and career support, combined with opportunities to become involved in every aspect of student life and service. Graduate assistantships provide students with professional development and avenues to foster connections with the Regis community while benefitting from financial aid support.

    The Center for Internships and Career Development offers students and alumni a variety of career development and job search services.

  • Responsiveness to the Common Good

    The common good is understood as the social conditions that allow individuals within society to reach their full human potential and to realize their human dignity. Our responsiveness and desire to work toward the common good is a reaction to injustice, divisiveness, and inequity within our society. Our shared values guide our thinking and action toward the realization of a more just society.

    Regis, through the Center for Ministry and Service and other offices, supports programs and opportunities designed to encounter the Dear Neighbor, in particular Dear Neighbors in underserved and marginalized communities. A key factor in responding to the common good is ongoing and sustained reflection upon desire for, and action towards, justice. Some examples of the ways we do this include thought-provoking conversations, both formal and informal, within the classroom and beyond the classroom. At Regis, we also have worship, reflection, and prayer opportunities to remind the worshiping community of the relationship between love of God and love of neighbor and all that entails.

    Our Regis community encourages the spirit of volunteerism and service of all its members. The Center for Ministry and Service organizes local, national, and international service, as well as immersive experiences. Additionally, CMS plans Convocation, Men's and Women's Night, and other events with a justice theme pointing toward the common good.

    The Fine Arts Center sponsors gallery exhibits focused on considerations of social justice. The President’s Lecture Series on Health offers dynamic discussions on important health care issues of the day.

    Each year the Regis community participates in campuswide traditions that specifically celebrate our legacy and founding by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. On Founders’ Day, faculty, staff, and students take their feet to the street, serving the “dear neighbor without distinction” across Boston, Metro West, and Lawrence. During Heritage Week, we pay homage to the sisters by celebrating Catholic Sisters Week and with events and activities that speak to our values inspired by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.