The Regis community is stronger when everyone feels free to report possible infractions of campus policies or standards, or to share concerns about public safety or legal compliance. Regis community members are encouraged to report any possible violations of policies or standards to their individual supervisor, Human Resources, Student Affairs, Finance and Business, or Risk Management, or any other Regis official.

In addition to reporting possible violations internally, Regis uses Guardian, a third party provider, which can receive reports online without requiring that a community member make a direct report to a Regis. Using Guardian, a community member may choose to file a report anonymously. Guardian will provide the submitted information to an appropriate Regis administrator and Regis will review and investigate all good faith reports. Where a report is submitted anonymously, Regis may be limited in its ability to fully investigate the matter.

Does something not seem right?

The reporting website is managed by Guardian, a third-party hotline provider retained by Regis to receive reports online.