Parking guidelines maximize the parking capacity on campus and ensure emergency vehicles can access the entire campus at critical times.

Please note: The regulations below are subject to change in the case of major university events.

  • Do I need a parking decal?

    The following groups must receive a university parking decal for their vehicles from the Regis College Police Department within the first week of each academic year:

    • All commuter students;
    • Graduate students and interns;
    • LLARC members;
    • Faculty and staff; and
    • All residential students with a vehicle on campus.
      • Residential students with a vehicle on campus will be charged a fee of $75 per semester for the permit. The $75 charge is billed to the student account and is non-refundable.

    Please note: First year residential students are generally prohibited from having vehicles on campus.

  • How do I receive a university parking decal?

    Disclaimer: Fraudulently obtaining a permit for you or for someone else who is not eligible or providing false information during the application process may result in the revocation of your on-campus parking privileges and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

  • Where do I place the parking decal on my car?

    Please place your parking decal on the interior of your driver's side, rear window.

    Drawing of a car with a red dot in the rear driver's side window indicating the proper location of a Regis parking permit
  • I have a Regis parking decal, where do I park?

    • If you have a parking decal, you may park in any of the lots on campus including: A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. You may not park in any designated visitor parking spots.
    • View our campus map. Also, please be aware of the campus traffic patterns.
    • If you are away from campus for an extended period of time, move your car to Lot H.
  • Am I a guest or a visitor? Do I need a temporary pass?

    A “visitor” is anyone who is not a student, faculty, or staff member and is temporarily on campus for official college business or specified event. Visitors do not require a pass.

    A “guest” is anyone who is visiting a student and requires overnight parking. Overnight guests are required to obtain a parking pass.

    • If you are an overnight guest, you can request a parking pass by presenting your driver's license and vehicle registration at the Regis College Police Department in Room 102 of College Hall.
      Note: Both the student host and guest must be present to obtain the temporary parking pass. The student host is required to present their Regis ID.
    • Overnight guests must display the parking pass on the dashboard of their vehicle.
    • Failure to register overnight guest vehicles with the Regis College Police Department may result in a ticket and tow at the owners expense.
  • Where do visitors and overnight guests park?

    • All overnight guests will park in the designated visitor spots in Lot A only. View our campus map.
    • Visitors can park in the designated visitor spots on campus.
    • Visitor spots are for visitors only and are not for vehicles with Regis parking decals.
  • What are the No Parking zones on campus?

    Parking in handicapped spaces without a verifiable handicapped placard or in marked emergency vehicle lanes is strictly forbidden. Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Please be observant and courteous.

    Other No-Parking zones include

    • Any field, area of grass, walking path, or sidewalk;
    • Any striped no parking zone;
    • Curbside directly in front of Angela Hall;
    • In front of entryways to buildings or loading doors;
    • Roadway from Walters Hall to Morrison House; and
    • Parking along a roadway is prohibited.
  • I’ve been towed! How do I get my vehicle back?

    The owner of the vehicle should immediately contact the Regis College Police Department 781.768.7111 to confirm the tow.

    Regis utilizes a 24-hour private, third party towing and storage company:

    • Protech Towing: 205 Willow St. in Waltham, 781.894.3097

    The owner is responsible for all towing and storage fees:

    • Towing Fee – $90.00 is the minimal fee
    • Storage Fee – There is no charge for the first day. Every additional day is $35 each.
  • What should I do in case of a weather emergency?

    • During snow emergencies all vehicles must be moved upon notice from the Regis College Police Department or be subject to tow at the owner’s expense.
    • Announcements regarding snow removal will be made via e-mail to university addresses, posted to the web, the university's social media accounts and the MyRegis app, with instructions for vehicle relocation.
    • If the owner of a vehicle is off campus for an extended period, car must be moved to Lot H and arrangements for moving vehicle (if it becomes necessary during owner’s absence) must be made beforehand.
    • Any vehicle preventing snow removal may be towed at the owner's expense.
  • How do I pay my ticket?

    Parking ticket fines are billed to directly to the student's account and can be paid through Hub. Non-students may pay their parking fines by check at the Regis College Police Department office within ten (10) business days of issuance.

    Note: Parking tickets are the only notice of charges due. No further notice will be issued.

    Fines range depending on the violation:

    • No Parking Zone: $25 and/or towed
    • No Valid Decal: $25 and/or towed
    • Obstructing Traffic: $50 and/or towed
    • Obstructing Snow Removal: $50 and/or towed
    • Fire Lane: $100 and/or towed
    • Handicapped Area: $100 and/or towed
  • What if I fail to pay my tickets?

    Outstanding balances are billed automatically to student accounts.

    Any vehicle that has been issued a parking violation during the academic year (September 1 through August 31) is subject to the following penalties:

    Four or More Unpaid Parking Tickets

    • If a vehicle accumulates four (4) or more parking tickets in an academic year, the vehicle may be immediately towed. The owner or operator of the vehicle is responsible for all towing and storage expenses and must pay all unpaid parking tickets.
    • In addition, the parking committee may suspend a student, faculty or staff’s on-campus parking privileges.
  • How do I appeal my ticket?

    • A five-member parking committee made up of a Parking Clerk, Regis College Police Officer, a faculty/staff member, and two students will meet to hear from anyone contesting a ticket. The committee will decide whether to waive or uphold the fine.
    • In order to appeal a ticket, the individual must fill out a Parking Ticket Appeal Form and submit it at the Regis College Police Department in Room 102 of College Hall within ten days of when the ticket is issued.
    • Once you submit an appeal you will receive an email for a date, time, and location to appear. If you cannot attend, we will review your written statement and the committee will decide to waive or uphold the fine.
    • Tickets that are ruled valid will be charged to the student’s account. Non-students can pay by check to the Regis College Police Department in Room 102 of College Hall within ten business days of notification of the ruling.
  • Contractor Parking

    • All contractors must obtain a parking permit from Physical Plant in room 16 of College Hall. This permit will be prominently displayed on the dashboard of their vehicle.
    • Contractors may park only in spaces specifically designated by the Regis College Police Department.