Regis students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of organizations and clubs. An involvement fair is hosted at the start of each academic year to recruit new members. Nonetheless, you can reach out to the Center for Student Engagement year-round for involvement opportunities. If you are interested in starting a club, please contact Gerena Walker.


Active Minds

Active Minds is an organization supporting mental health awareness and education for Regis students. The organization promotes mental health through informational campaigns and wellness events on campus.

African Student Association

African Student Association is an organization on the Regis campus whose mission is to celebrate and educate students on African history and traditions. The organization meets regularly to engage students in conversation about topics important to students of African descent.

American Medical Student Association

The AMSA Premedical Chapter at Regis strives to provide networking, undergraduate research publications, and exposure to the various health fields and topics. While creating a supportive community in the premedical community, students will be able to advocate and promote the values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph congruent with ethical health care.

Among Us

The Among Us Club comes together to play the free (on mobile) online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us. Additionally, this club includes all video gaming and coordinates tournaments to compete. Coming together to engage in gaming, the club aims to foster a greater sense of community and help participants meet new people, and ultimately make new friends and connections.

Asian American Association (AAA)

The goal of Asian American Association is to promote a safe space for Asian American students at Regis College, as well as sharing Asian culture with other students wishing to learn and experience it.



Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to educate, acknowledge, and address the diversity, history, and lifestyle of people of African descent. The Black Student Union will serve as an organization that fosters student development through diversity and aims at promoting awareness for the many origins of Black culture. Through engaging discussions and activities, the group works as a unit to develop and build community.



Caribbean-Latin Student Organization (CLASO)

The purpose of CLASO is to join Caribbean and Latin communities, open doors to new cultures and traditions, meet new people​, acknowledge and converse over cultural similarities​, learn a new language, and have an additional support for Caribbean and Latin students to foster a healthy environment.

Creative Arts Club (CAC)

The Creative Arts Club (CAC) is for students who are passionate about the arts and creative thinking. CAC is all about promoting creative expression throughout the Regis community and beyond. CAC hosts open mics, paint nights, and art-related service trips. CAC is all about inclusivity and kindness and prides itself on creating a creative community on campus. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to participate in our meetings and activities.



Dance Company

Dance Company is a student-run and organized club open to all students, with or without dance experience. Members practice various styles of dance in preparation for performances on campus, including a large recital for the entire community at the end of the semester. Students are able to gain leadership and choreography opportunities within this club, as well as general membership to stay in shape or cultivate a new talent.



Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Regis GSA is an accepting place for all people regardless of sex, gender, and sexual orientation. Whether you are passionate about advocacy, or just need an inclusive space to be yourself without judgment GSA welcomes you! GSA brings together gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer students and straight allies to fight homophobia on campus and in the community. By raising awareness of different sexual and gender identities, linking homophobia with other oppressions, and advocating for equal treatment for students of all sexual orientations, GSA works to create a school environment free of homophobic discrimination.

Glee Singers

The Glee Singers have shared their beautiful music with audiences locally as well as internationally. Members practice regularly each week and deliver moving performances throughout the semester. Auditions take place during summer orientation and again in the fall.

Graduate Social Club (GSC)

The Graduate Social Club at Regis College aims to promote a deep sense of community among the graduate student population. It aims to do this while providing opportunities for further professional development, building a network of likeminded professionals, and to develop a positive identity as a graduate student that leaves them feeling proud about their choice to pursue a higher form of education at Regis College.​

Graduate Student Nursing Association

The Graduate Student Nursing Association invites current Regis graduate students to apply growing classroom and clinical knowledge to real-life scenarios in order to optimize current and future nursing practices. Membership is open to graduate students who are currently in the Master’s program at Regis.



Haitian American Student Association

The Haitian American Student Association, also known as HASA, reincorporated in the fall of 2018, strives to educate the Regis community on the culture, tradition, topics, and issues important to those of Haitian descent.

Hemetera (literary magazine)

Produced annually since 1946, Hemetera is a literary publication that features the written word and visual arts of Regis students, faculty, and staff. The project is coordinated and published by members who work collaboratively with an advisor.




The Intramural program is dedicated to providing opportunities for students of all athletic abilities to get engaged. Each month, a new sport is featured through a tournament, with the champions receiving a T-shirt. Featured sports include ultimate frisbee, flag football, volleyball, and much more!



LatinXcellence (LX)

LX focuses on the education and celebration of all the different Latin Cultures. They provide a safe and inclusive space for students who have Latin backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to join and be a part of LX.



Mount Regis (Yearbook)

Are photos your thing? Do you like to do behind-the-scenes work? If so, the yearbook provides a great creative outlet for those who would like to help document memories of our time here at Regis.

Multicultural Student Council

This organization was created as a support system to our Cultural clubs and organizations and has become a voice for our students of color and underrepresented populations. MSC hosts multiple events a year, including the various food nights and the Sankofa Ceremony.



Orientation Leaders

OLs work together to prepare incoming students for college. These energetic and dedicated students receive on-campus training over the summer to help them make the most of their experience—and to better acclimate incoming first-year students. Note, this is a way to engage through a student leadership position that includes an application process, and is not a student club or organization.



Pride Guides

Pride Guides consists of students representing all classes, clubs, and interests on campus to assist in the recruitment process and participate in admission events such as open houses and overnights. They also give campus tours, participate in student panels, and contact prospective students. Note, this is a way to engage through a student leadership position that includes an application process, and is not a student club or organization.

Pride of Christ

The Pride of Christ (POC) club is a family that unites to grow spiritually by learning the word of God. All students who come from any religious background are always welcome to join. A few of the events hosted by the POC members are the Bundles of Love event, as well as an annual Worship Night. POC also provides an opportunity for students to learn the word of God through weekly bible studies.



Recreational Therapy Club

The goal of the Recreational Therapy Club is to spread awareness and educate the student body on the benefits of therapeutic recreation, as well as providing a support network for RT students to share experiences and ideas.



Serving the Dear Neighbor Club

Formerly known as the Campus Ministry Club, this organization provides opportunities for people of all faiths to grow spiritually through service. Together, student leaders and campus ministers plan and participate in liturgies, retreats, community service, faith sharing, social events, sacramental preparation, and more.

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club is an organization for students in the social work field to have a place to come and talk about their field work and experience, as well as to come up with ways to help students on campus and to provide service.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

This organization is comprised of student athletes dedicated to raising school spirit through activities and events such as pep rallies.

Student Business Association (SBA)

The mission of Student Business Association is to bring business and non-business majors together for experiential learning opportunities and other innovative projects that will enhance and build community throughout the Regis campus.

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA, the elected governing body that serves as an umbrella for all recognized clubs and organizations on campus, consists of four representatives from each class and four executive officers. Its main responsibilities are to allocate funds to student groups, handle student issues, and make formal recommendations. SGA also acts as a liaison between students and administration in an effort to improve student life on campus. For more information, visit the Student Government Association page.

Student Nursing Association (SNA)

The Regis Student Nursing Association invites current Regis undergraduate students to apply growing classroom and clinical knowledge to real-life scenarios in order to optimize current and future nursing practices. Membership is open to undergraduate students who are either enrolled or planning to enroll in nursing (or a related health profession).

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

Known as SOTA, this organization is open to current Regis students in the Occupational Therapy program. This group gathers to network and learn about new and exciting technology in a growing field as well as education the wider Regis community on different forms of therapy available to them.



Theatre Club

The Regis Theatre Club looks to spread awareness and participation in the performing arts. Each semester, the group puts together large and small-scale productions in an effort to get students involved. Be on the lookout for these amazing productions!