The Partners in Excellence (PIE) mentoring program is designed to provide personal guidance and support to first-year students of color and first-generation students through the assignment of trained peer, faculty, staff, and graduate mentors. Through structured and unstructured interactions with mentors, first-year students participating in PIE will establish meaningful relationships that increase their engagement in and out of the classroom contributing positively to their retention at Regis.


  • To assist students of color and first-generation students in their transition to college by connecting them with a student as well as faculty, staff, or graduate assistant who will serve as an advocate and source of support and guidance
  • To facilitate student growth, development, and engagement through mentoring with student peers, faculty, and staff
  • To help new students achieve a sense of belonging at Regis College through establishing rapport with student peers, faculty, and staff
  • To improve retention rates of students of color and first-generation students at Regis College

Who should apply to be a mentee?

PIE is designed for first-year students who meet one or all of the following qualifications:

  • First-generation students: Students whose parents or guardians have not completed a four-year degree in the United States.
  • Students of color: Students who come from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Why should I apply to be a mentee?

There are many documented benefits to participating in a mentoring relationship such as increased academic competence and performance, shorter periods of adjustment, and increased connectedness to the university. Additionally, mentees will receive personalized support from their peer mentor and their mentoring team who are knowledgeable about the university and its community.

How does Mentoring Work?

Mentoring is a learning relationship between a mentor and a mentee that focuses primarily on increasing personal growth and building skills and knowledge that will help contribute to the success of the mentee. The mentor serves as a resource for their mentee by providing guidance, support, and encouragement as their mentee navigates the Regis collegiate experience. Mentors may open doors for their mentee by introducing them to key people and places on campus and help them make connections that will further their success on campus and as they move into the professional world.

PIE uses a combination of peer and group mentoring. Each mentee will be assigned an individual peer mentor and to a mentoring team.

Who are the mentors?

Peer Mentors are experienced Regis students who have demonstrated success at Regis and have shown a willingness to help new students be successful.

Mentoring Teams are a group of five mentees and their five peer mentors along with two mentors who are faculty, staff, or graduate assistants.

How do I participate in PIE?

Please contact the Center for Inclusive Excellence,