In order to reduce the potential impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellness of the Regis community, the Office of Graduate Student Advising will be offering all services remotely. Please email Joanne Cardolaccia for all questions and concerns.

Academic Advising for Graduate Students

At Regis College, we find academic advising plays an essential role in the experience of all our students. Graduate student advising is a partnership between the student, the faculty advisor and the Graduate Student Affairs team. We all work in concert to help the student identify and achieve short and long term educational and career goals. The objective being to empower students to identify resources to solve problems independently while providing a supportive environment.

The Graduate Advising Model

Each graduate student at Regis is assigned a faculty member, academic program director or track leader dedicated to addressing academic student needs and questions. In addition, the Director of Graduate Student Services and Advising, and the Director of Graduate Career Planning help students transition to the graduate student experience, and access the variety of resources available to them.

We are prepared to assist and support graduate students on their academic journey. Faculty and staff work collaboratively to provide a network of support on matters related to academic progression, degree requirements, educational and career goals and overall personal well-being.