Throughout the year, Regis offers the community sexual harassment and sexual assault educational opportunities including, but not limited to:

Peer Bystander Educators

This is a group of undergraduate students dedicated to preventing acts of harassment and discrimination on campus. They are specifically aimed at being pro-social bystanders and ending sexual violence on campus. They work to offer programming and workshops throughout the year.

Bystander Committee

The mission of the Bystander Intervention Committee is to educate the Regis community to issues of sexual assault and gender misconduct. Through programming, internal and external partnerships, social media engagement, and educational training, the team seeks to equip students, faculty, and staff with the tools to safely intervene as pro-social bystanders. The goal of the committee is to make all members of the community feel safe and valued, which is reflective of the tenets of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston.

SAVE (Sexual Assault and Violence Education) Week

Hosted by the Bystander Committee, SAVE Week provides educational programming around issues of domestic, relationship, and sexual violence. Programming traditionally has included local and regional speakers, memorial displays, residence-hall programming, and events with the Regis College Police Department.

We See You and You Matter

We See You and You Matter is Regis’ bystander intervention program. Through this initiative, members of the Regis community will have the opportunity to participate in bystander intervention training and other programming initiatives and media campaigns that will enhance the bystander movement on campus.

Online Training

In addition to bystander education, first-year students are required to complete online training though their First-Year Seminar Moodle course.

Other ongoing programming

Other programs, poster campaigns, and educational sessions are offered throughout the year. Students will be informed of such events through weekly emails such as This Week and Regis.

Regis regularly invites local agencies and speakers to campus to provide trainings and educational opportunities for all of its community members. Community members interested in participating in assisting with this programming are encouraged to contact the Division of Student Affairs at 781.768.7050.