Welcome to the Regis Center for Ministry and Service!

The Center for Ministry and Service is more than just a place for religion. It is where friendships, guidance and love come together to share ideas, laughs and the occasional snacks! I recommend anyone to be a part of CMS and be open to the work that gets done in the office - ultimately we are working together through compassion and empathy for the common good of all.
Andrea Baez, '17

The primary focus of the Center for Ministry and Service at Regis is to foster and develop the spiritual life of students, faculty, and staff. While preserving the rich Catholic heritage of the university, the Center for Ministry and Service seeks to provide opportunities for persons of all faiths to grow spiritually and serve our global community.

The Center for Ministry and Service offers an opportunity to...

  • Get connected with fellow students and meet university leadership
  • Explore the "big questions" and your faith
  • Worship
  • Become a campus leader
  • Participate in service projects in our local community and around the world

Please stop by our office to introduce yourself, chat, stay updated, and find new ways to connect! Whether you are searching for a faith community or are simply searching for a comfortable couch and some popcorn, we are here for you.

Students from all backgrounds are always welcome to inquire about what the Center for Ministry and Service has to offer. For more information, please call 781.768.7027, visit us in room 4 of Saint Joseph Hall or e-mail us at ministry@regiscollege.edu.

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