For more than a decade Regis has worked alongside local partners in Haiti. The Regis Haiti Project is focused on the advancement of nursing education and the nursing profession in Haiti with the goal of improving patient care.

Regis is also working on a clinical care and education project in Grand Goave, Haiti, with the Be Like Brit Foundation and Orphanage, and a Nursing Clinical Excellence Program at the Partners In Health Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti.

  • Be Like Brit (BLB) Clinic Partnership

    Nurse examining young infantThe Be Like Brit Foundation and Regis College work collaboratively to meet the healthcare needs of villagers living in the area surrounding the orphanage. This partnership provides care to men, women, and children who would otherwise not have access.

  • Nursing Clinical Excellence Program

    A nurse treats a patient and takes her blood pressureThrough the university's work on the Haiti Project, it was clear that a large gap exists between curriculum at the various schools of nursing and clinical practice in the hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country. The university and the Partners In Health-supported hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti (HUM), are working together to develop a Clinical Excellence Program with nurse educators in Haiti to bridge the gap and improve and strengthen clinical education and care in Haiti.