What is Summer Intersession?

Regis Summer Intersession offers both six- and 12-week intensive learning experiences that cover the same content and maintain the same academic standards as courses offered during our traditional 15-week semesters. Courses are open to both Regis and non-Regis students who want to earn credits for undergraduate or graduate study. May 13, 2024 though August 3, 2024.

What makes our courses so special?

  • Fast-paced courses and labs; most can be completed in just six weeks.
  • The same content and academic standards offered during the 15-week semester.
  • Many courses and labs are conveniently offered via asynchronous online and synchronous Zoom formats.

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Per Credit (for visiting students)
6 or 12
Weeks Long
Undergraduate and Graduate Classes and Labs
  • Summer 2024 Intersession Classes - Session Two

    Duration: Six weeks

    Begins: June 24, 2024

    Ends: August 3, 2024

    Course Registration Deadline: Friday, June 28, 2024

    To see full course descriptions visit our catalog page, then click 'advanced search" and select your preferred summer on-campus term.

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    BI 106-01 Anatomy and Physiology II/LabUndergraduateV. Power-CharnitskyOnline Asynchronous Lecture
    BI 106XA-01 LabUndergraduateV. Power-CharnitskyOnline Asynchronous Lab
    CH 105-01 Introduction to Chemistry/LabUndergraduateMcQuaidIn Person Lecture
    CH 105XA-01 LabUndergraduateMcQuaidIn Person Lab
    EN 106-01 Reading, Thinking and Writing IUndergraduateStaffOnline Asynchronous Lecture
    EN 211-01 Writing About TextsUndergraduateK. SegallOnline Asynchronous Lecture
    ID 236-01 Introductory Astronomy/LabUndergraduateS. MathewOnline Asynchronous Lecture
    ID 23X6-01 Introductory Astronomy LabUndergraduateS. MathewOnline Asynchronous Lab
    ID 304-01 Exploring EthicsUndergraduateJ. DraperOnline Asynchronous Lecture
    MT 200-01 Stewardship in BusinessUndergraduateJ. ChristieOnline Asynchronous Lecture
    PBH 206-01 Introduction to Global HealthUndergraduateM. CifuentesOnline Asynchronous Lecture
    PH 104-01 How We Think: An Introduction to LogicUndergraduateB. JacksonOnline Asynchronous Lecture
    PY 214-01 General Physics/LabUndergraduateS. MathewZoom Synchronous Lecture
    PY 214X-01 LabUndergraduateS. MathewOnline Asynchronous Lab
    RS 309-01 Religious Hope and The FutureUndergraduateJ. DraperOnline Asynchronous Lecture