• Designed to holistically prepare the child by focusing on academic, social, emotional, physical, and moral development.
  • Provides an active approach to education where children are able to impact their own learning.
  • Enhanced with specialists in the areas of foreign language, music and movement, yoga, and sports.
  • Incorporates outdoor spaces including gardens, nature trails, playgrounds, and athletic fields.
  • Recognizes the individual learning styles of each child and designs a learning plan that fosters personal growth.
  • Provides an atmosphere that integrates all areas of learning into a supportive environment that fosters both critical and reflective thinking.
  • Focuses on exploration and creativity with a balance of child and teacher-directed activities.


The Regis College campus is our classroom and community. Children utilize many of the campus facilities on a weekly basis including:

  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Dance Studio
  • Fine Arts Center
  • Faculty-provided enrichment programs in the areas of:
    • STEM, Environmental Science, Health and Fitness, Musical literacy, and Heritage Studies