A series of video conversations hosted by Regis College Assistant Professor Lawana Brown, director of the women’s health program that features national luminaries in healthcare weighing in on topics from racial disparities in the nursing profession to the challenges and innovations of being a nurse during a global pandemic.

Nursing on the Night Shift

Occupational health nurse Kathy Ohlmann explains why sleep is as important to health as diet and exercise.

Nurse on the Hill

Working in Congress, Alison Hernandez RN, PhD Realized that Nurses are Natural Policy Experts.

One For All

As president of the nation’s largest union of registered nurses, Zenei Triunfo-Cortez is the voice for more than 175,000 members

Nurse for a Change

With no legislative experience, Danielle Pendergrass was instrumental in reforming Utah’s healthcare policies. Her message to fellow nurses? “You Really Hold So Much Power Because You are Holding People’s Hands”

Building Vaccine Confidence in Louisville

A nurse since 1976 with thirty years of experience with infection prevention and control, University of Louisville Professor Ruth Carrico, PhD, DNP, APRN was invited to Wuhan by the Chinese equivalent of the CDC.