2022 HEED Diversity award logoRegis is committed to ensuring that each individual is known and accepted for who they are. We consider this an essential tenet of the founding values of this institution.

The university is committed to fostering a community that values, is welcoming to and accepting of the range of human experiences such as age, class, ethnicity, race, caste, gender identity, nationality, (dis)ability, religion, sexual orientation, language, personality, communication style, work style, and veteran status. Other dimensions of diversity include the varying functions and divisions of the university, as well as the variety of environments in which we operate.

As defined by Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), inclusive excellence, is the “active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity” using ways that enhance our individual and collective “awareness, content knowledge, and empathetic understanding” of one another without distinction.

University Aspirations for Inclusive Excellence

To achieve inclusive excellence as a goal, the entire Regis community aspires to be guided by excellence in our learning, teaching, student development, institutional function, and engagement in the local and global communities. The concept of inclusion applies to how we engage with the diversity that our community members bring, so that all can thrive and realize their full potential. For us at Regis to achieve the goal of inclusive excellence, we aspire to engage in the following activities:

  • Pursue a set of objectives that focus on diversity as a complex mixture of similarities and differences
  • Focus on the intellectual and social development of our students by offering courses of study that challenge and address structural marginalization and inequity in society
  • Pay attention to the diversity that all members of the community bring and provide processes for them to thrive
  • Position diversity and inclusion as fundamental to institutional excellence

Regis Inclusive Excellence Statement and Mission

Inclusive Excellence statement

As members of the Regis community, we are called to love, serve, and respect each other for who we are, what we believe and value, and where we come from without distinction. Inclusive excellence is the cornerstone of the legacy and charism of the university's founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph. The dear neighbor is each one of us, and as members of a Catholic institution of higher education, we are called to interrogate, enlighten and transform the society in which we live.

Articulation mission

The Center for Inclusive Excellence, under the advisement of the Regis Inclusive Excellence Council, seeks to foster a culture and campus community in which all types of diversity are valued, engaged with, have access, and all contribute to the holistic development of our community members, and the institutional excellence of the university.