Federally Mandated IACUC Functions

  • Review protocols and procedures for the use of any vertebrate animals involved in teaching and/or research at Regis College.
  • Review at least every six months the institutional programs for humane care and use of animals in teaching and research activities.
  • Inspect at least every six months all animal housing and use facilities using the USDA Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.
  • Prepare and submit semi-annual reports of IACUC activities, facility inspections, and program and protocol reviews to the Institutional Official.
  • Submit reports on animal utilization activity to federal oversight regulatory agencies including the National Institute of Health's Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW).
  • Review and investigate any concerns involving the care and use of animals and suspension of previously approved animal activity if it is determined that the activity is in violation of the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Education and training of personnel who actively participate in research or teaching activities involving the handling and use of live vertebrate animals.

Questions and Reporting

For questions regarding operation of the IACUC, meetings or other matters, please email IACUC@regiscollege.edu. To download and submit research protocols to the IACUC, please proceed to the Manage Protocols page for instructions. For information on training and health forms related to animal handling at Regis, please proceed to the IACUC Training and Health Forms page.

To report a concern regarding animal use and/or care at Regis, contact IACUC@regiscollege.edu. You may also send an anonymous letter to the IACUC chair at:

Regis College
235 Wellesley Street
Weston, MA 02493.

You may also submit a report to Guardian, Regis' third party hotline provider: