Heritage Week 2021: We Are Called

Thank you to all those who participated in Heritage Week 2021. Recordings of heritage week sessions are available below.

Session Recordings

How To be an Anti-Racist

Professor Bernard Jackson and AVP Audrey Grace explored the themes of race, power, and class as discussed in Ibram X. Kendi's book How to Be an Anti-Racist.

Video Coming Soon

Update on Institutional Action Goals Town Hall

Six-month progress report presented by AVP Audrey Grace on our Institutional Action Plan to Address Systemic Racism: what we have accomplished over the past six-months; what we’ve learned in the process; and where our focus will be over the next few months.

PRIDE Faculty Lecture Series: “Don’t blame the virus, it was always us: COVID as a social disease.”

Professor Manuel Cifuentes discussed what we’ve learned from this pandemic to avoid disparities and injustices in the future.

White Privilege and Racism: “White, Woke, Privileged Folk: Called to Step it up!” Panel Discussion

How effective are we as a community effective in combating racism and making a positive difference in the lives of people of color? Panelists Professors Joseph Draper, Jennifer Potts, Becky DesRoches, and Kevin Henze discussed white privilege, awareness, responsibility and a new call to action-stepping it up for love and justice. Moderated by Dean Kate Edney.

Catholic Sisters Week Celebration and St. Joseph’s Day

Watch this prayer service led by Sister Mary L. Murphy, CSJ, and students in contributing to the Common Good course and interviews with Sisters Mary Ann Enright, CSJ, Charlene Favreau, CSJ and Marilyn McGoldrick, CSJ on “Why we are Called” also led by students in the Common Good course.

Ongoing Heritage Events

  • Give $9.40 to the Dear Neighbor Fund in honor of Regis 94th year and as a way to support community members who have been particularly affected by the pandemic.
  • Music Prayer. Listen to this beautiful rendition of “Do All You Can” sung by our very own Glee Singers.
  • Learn About Our Heritage. Spend some time on the 2nd floor of College Hall to learn about the Sisters legacy and Regis' heritage.
  • View the Digital Exhibit "We Are Called” that follows the sisters' legacy of prayer, piety and protest throughout their history, reflecting their call to stand in solidarity to defend the rights of the oppressed.
  • Be Inspired by grad students and Regis graduate Professor Ed Travers. Watch these personal reflections of why these Regis community members chose Regis and why they are called to their professions.