Heritage Week 2020: Courage to Create

Heritage Week is an opportunity for the Regis community to celebrate the history and legacy of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. This year’s theme is “Courage to Create.”

Regis Civility Challenge

Engage in our 5-day Civility Challenge by joining community members in pledging to create a more civil community and society. Various activities of civil engagement will be held throughout the week including:

Day One - Monday March 16

Day Two - Tuesday March 17

  • Social media campaign showcasing who inspires you and why.

Day Three - Wednesday March 18

  • Tabling event outside the main dining hall and in College Hall Foyer distributing tips to help create a more civil society.

Day Four - Thursday March 19

First-Year Seminar students engage in questions centered on civil discourse in a civil society.

Day Five - Friday March 20

Hospitality Drive

Monday March 16 through Friday March 20

Gracious Hospitality Drive to support the Hospitality Center sponsored by the School of Health Sciences.

Other Events and Activities

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