Regis College is currently engaged in a strategic planning process to help set our direction for the future. Our institutional priorities are Equity, Innovation and Investment, and Empowerment.

The community-driven process is guided by a steering committee made up of a diverse representation of faculty, staff, and students who are tasked with gathering feedback from the larger Regis community.

Community Forums

In fall 2021, all members of the Regis community were invited to participate in community dialogue sessions and the Community Survey on Inclusion and Belonging to help move Regis forward through the lens of student success, mission, and equity. Thank you to those who were part of these important conversations.

Watch the most recent update on the strategic planning process, including an overview of the data we’ve collected and a presentation of our strategic objectives. We are collecting your input and feedback on our strategic plan as well as any implementation strategies, please contact us.

If you have not been invited to participate in a community dialogue around our strategic priorities and would like to do so, please email with your name and relationship to Regis.

More information about the strategic planning progress will be shared via email and on the website. For questions, please email


  • May-September 2021


    • Review 2016 strategic plan and findings
    • Convene Steering committee
    • Set high-level institutional priorities
  • September-December 2021

    Information Gathering

    • Sub-committee working groups created
    • Development of a SOAR analysis and objectives
    • Community surveys, focus groups, and workshops
  • January-March 2022

    • Drafting summary
    • Developing visuals
  • March-Ongoing

    • Present to Board of Trustees
    • Develop implementation plan and goals
    • Establish review periods
    • Regularly review progress