Earn a Master's of Science in Health Administration in as little as three semesters. Courses are designed with the busy working professional in mind and are offered on weekends and evenings, and many are taught in an intensive hybrid format with an online component. A flexible full or part-time schedule can be designed according to your individual needs. Full-time students are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship.

Required Courses

  • HP 601 Health Ethics and Law
  • HP 602 Concepts in Health Administration
  • HP 608 Health Care Quality Management
  • HP 609 Health Policy, Politics, and Perspectives
  • HP 611 Management Accounting in Health Care
  • HP 614 Financial Analysis in Health Administration
  • HP 619 Research Methods for Health Professions
  • HP 620 Field Experience
  • HP 622 Economics of Health Care
  • HP 648 Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations
  • Two Electives (Our graduate students can take elective courses at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.)

MS in Health Administration Concentrations

Informatics Concentration

  • HP 635 Health Information Systems
  • HP 638 Strategic Leadership in Health Informatics
  • HP 643 Database Development and Design
  • HP 620 Field Experience (must be in Health Informatics)

Gerontology Concentration

  • HP 623 Gerontology-Multidisciplinary Approach
  • HP 626 Social, Political, Economic Perspectives in Gerontology
  • HP 629 Chronic Illness and Aging
  • HP 620 Field Experience (must be in Gerontology)