Students may choose to minor in film studies within the communication department. The film studies minor will present students with a variety of opportunities not only to explore and assess the world around them, but to critically examine the ways in which it is represented in a variety of visual textualities.

The Film Studies Minor is intended to give students a broad yet in-depth understanding of the nature of narrative media, the technical decisions and strategies that bring it to life, and its relevance as both a result of and influence upon, contemporary culture.

The Film Studies Minor consists of the following:

Required Courses

  • CO 203 Introduction to Communication
  • CO 208 Introduction to Film Studies
  • Plus any four of the following:
    • CO/ID 207 Contemporary Film, Diversity, and Ideology
    • CO 209 Media in the 21st Century
    • CO/ID 214 Non-Fiction/Documentary Film
    • CO/ID 215 Digital Storytelling
    • CO/ID 244 Global Cinema and Hollywood’s Shadow
    • CO 240 Screenwriting
    • CO 302 Film Theory and Horror
    • SP 314 Latin American Cinema in the Global Context
    • MU 309 Music at the Movies

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