The neuroscience minor at Regis College complements any major program, allowing students from a wide range of majors, from the humanities to social work and STEM, to advance their understanding of the brain and nervous system.

Required Courses


  • PS 203 Introduction to Psychology
  • BI 105 Anatomy and Physiology I (Lab) or BI 103: Introductory Biology I (Lab)


  • NEU 201 Introduction to Neuroscience
  • PS 329A Neuropsychology
  • BI 306 Neurobiology (Lab)


Take one additional course from category A or B.

Category A: Molecular/Cellular

  • BI 307 Genetics
  • BI 308 Developmental Biology
  • BI 312A Animal Physiology
  • BI 317 Immunology
  • NEU 324 Drugs, Brain and Behavior

Category B: Cognitive/Behavioral

  • PS 321 Cognitive Processes
  • PS 309 Abnormal Psychology: Adult
  • NEU 323 Sensory Systems and Perception
  • NEU 322 Learning and Memory

Note: No more than two courses may double count toward a student’s major and the neuroscience minor.