The Neuroscience Minor at Regis College complements any major program, allowing students from a wide range of majors, from the humanities to social work and STEM, to advance their understanding of the brain and nervous system.

Required Courses


  • PS 203 Introduction to Psychology
  • BI 105 Anatomy and Physiology I (Lab) or BI 103: Introductory Biology I (Lab)


  • NEU 201 Introduction to Neuroscience
  • PS 329A Neuropsychology
  • BI 306 Neurobiology (Lab)


Take one additional course from category A or B.

Category A: Molecular/Cellular

  • BI 307 Genetics
  • BI 308 Developmental Biology
  • BI 312A Animal Physiology
  • BI 317 Immunology
  • NEU 324 Drugs, Brain and Behavior

Category B: Cognitive/Behavioral

  • PS 321 Cognitive Processes
  • PS 309 Abnormal Psychology: Adult
  • NEU 323 Sensory Systems and Perception
  • NEU 322 Learning and Memory

Note: No more than two courses may double count toward a student’s major and the neuroscience minor.

Contact Information

A photo of Andriana Harris ’19 and Diana Tran, '16 in lab coats.

Positive Reaction

Diana Tran, '16, worked hard for her spot on the Harvard University brain research team, now she's helping the next wave of researchers from Regis.