Gain the skills, expertise, and qualifications you need to advance your career in the field of communications.

The communication degree completion program allows students to build upon previous credits and combines Regis’ experience in business and communication with high-demand skills in e-commerce, social media, visual media, marketing analytics, search-engine optimization, and communication strategy.


Students are expected to review and track their own progress towards completion of degree requirements. This is provided as a sample guideline—it does not reduce the importance of careful and regular discussions between a student and their academic advisor.

Important Reminders

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 30 Regis College credits.
  2. Courses are subject to change based on individual students’ transfer credits.
  3. This degree is intended for students who have a preponderance of transfer credits from the fields of Communication or other liberal arts disciplines.
Required Courses
Course Credits
CO 212 Writing for the Communication Professional 3
CO 219 Journalism 3
CO 221 Visual Communication 3
CO Electives
Choose 5 from: CO 305, CO 306, CO 320, CO 322, CO 332, CO 334, CO 345
CO 400 Senior Research Seminar I 3
CO 401 Senior Research Seminar II 3
ID 413 Interdisciplinary Internship Seminar 3
Total 30
Other Required Courses (if not previously taken)
Course Credits
CO 203 Introduction to Communication 3
CO 204 Public Speaking 3
Minor courses 9-15
Total 18-24

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