Learn more about the impact of exercise on the body and its systems with a minor in exercise science. Complement your major field of study by gaining knowledge of effective exercise principles and techniques to assist individuals in improving their personal wellness and preventing disease.


  • BI 105 Anatomy and Physiology I and BI 106 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • CH 103 Chemical Structure and Reaction or CH 105 Introduction to Chemistry / Lab

Required Courses

  • HFS 150 Introduction to Health and Fitness Studies or HFS 311 Health and Wholeness
  • HFS 358 Scope of Exercise Science
  • HFS 364 Kinesiology
  • Three electives from the following list of courses
    • HFS 314 Exercise Assessment / Lab
    • HFS 315 Exercise Programming / Lab
    • HFS 361 Motor Learning
    • HFS 370 Biomechanics
    • HFS 372 Exercise for Special Populations
    • HFS 373 Exercise Physiology