Knowledge of biology is highly desirable as a complement to many other majors and professional fields. Combining the Biology Minor with another area gives students valuable cross-disciplinary expertise and the opportunity to make their academic preparation distinctive. With a comprehensive, well-rounded education, students attain a wider and deeper knowledge of their field and become more competitive in the job market.

Required Courses
Course Credits
BI 103 Introductory Biology/Lab
BI 104 Introductory Biology/Lab
BI 105 Anatomy and Physiology/Lab
BI 106 Anatomy and Physiology/Lab
BI 302 Seminar: History of Biology
BI 401 Seminar: Ethical Issues in Biology
Total 11
Elective Courses (select three)
Course Credits
BI 108 General Microbiology/Lab
BI 209 Introductory Microbiology/Lab
BI 210 Cell Biology/Lab 4
BI 305 Ecology/Lab 4
BI 306 Neurobiology/Lab 4
BI 307 Genetics/Lab 4
BI 308 Developmental Biology/Lab 4
BI 312 Animal Physiology/Lab 4
BI 315 Virology 4
BI 316 Immunology/Lab 4
BI 326 Environmental Microbiology/Lab 4
Total 12