The Only MBA Designed For You

“Just what the world needs,” you think. “Another MBA program.” We agree, which is why we created a completely unique degree: an individualized MBA designed to help you leverage the Regis master’s degree you’re pursuing or already received.

Unlike generic MBAs, the curriculum of this unique program was developed to meet the rapidly growing needs of professionals in non-business fields, such as healthcare, education, social service, communication, and life sciences. Your coursework and projects will be specifically tied to your profession. You’ll develop practical knowledge of business, leadership skills and the ability to put ethical principles into practice. You’ll take away practical, career-focused management expertise directly applicable to your field.

By adding just six online courses beyond your master’s degree, you’ll come away with an MBA that you’ll be able to put into practice every day.

The Professional Master of Business Administration degree from the Marshall M. Sloane School of Business and Communication at Regis College provides the most customized MBA on the market.

The professional MBA program is available exclusively to students who have been accepted into or are currently enrolled in a Regis graduate program and Regis graduate alumni.

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Core Credits
Per Credit Hour
Total Tuition*

* Does not include fees. Based on the academic year 2022-2023. Cost per credit and total cost subject to inflation.

Application Requirements

  • Current enrollment in or recent completion of a Regis graduate degree program
  • Currently enrolled students must be in good academic standing
  • Professional resume
  • Interview with the program director
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of interest
  • Waived application fee