Pre-Medical, Pre-Veterinary and Pre-Dental programs are not majors but a curriculum designed for students based on the various requirements of different top-tier medical, dental, and veterinary schools throughout the United States. The curriculum is also formulated by recommendations from the Association of American Medical Colleges, dental and veterinary colleges or universities.

Students in these programs have access to resources designed to ensure they have the knowledge and support they need to successfully navigate the years of preparation it takes to apply to these professional schools. This includes workshops, seminars, graduate school test preparation, simulation lab exercises, peer mentoring, professional school tours and one-on-one discussions with professional school admission officers.

Although requirements vary among schools, below are the basic required courses and the year students should plan to take them at Regis. Every student planning to apply to medical, dental or veterinary school should talk to their faculty advisor as soon as possible to design a personalized course plan. Ideally this will occur by the end of their first year at Regis.