Regis College has partnered with Boston Public Schools (BPS) to offer a variety of tuition discounts and special degree opportunities. This degree completion program is offered to current para-professionals at Boston Public Schools who already have an associate’s degree and would like to pursue a BA in Education (non-licensure) through Regis.

Total Credits
Cost Per Credit
18 months
Average Length of Completion

Program Highlights

  • Flexible mix of classes held online and onsite at Boston Public Schools
  • 20% off tuition
  • Real-world internship experiences
  • Close-knit classes with one-on-one support from professors
Sample Curriculum
Course Credits Traditionally Completed
ED 100 Teaching and Learning 3 Summer
ED 101 Educational Psychology 3 Summer
ED 220 Child Behavior Management 3 Summer
PS 203 Introduction to Psychology 3 Summer
ED 202 Early Childhood/Elementary School Math: Curriculum 3 Fall
PS 307 Child Development 3 Fall
ED 207 Early Childhood/Elem School Math: Instruction 3 Fall
ED 208 Children’s Literature 3 Fall
ED 205 Principles and Methods of Secondary Education 3 Spring
PS 310 Psychology of the Adolescence 3 Spring
ED XXX Teaching STEM 3 Spring
ID 208 Integrating the Elementary Curriculum 3 Spring
ED XXX Teaching Social Studies 3 Summer
ID 222 Exploring the Human Spirit 3 Summer
ED 306 Instructional Strategies in Specific Subjects Offered in Secondary School 3 Summer
ED 315 Content Area Reading Instruction: Secondary Schools 3 Summer
ED 312 Literacy Development Including Special Needs 3 Fall
ED 308 Contemporary Issues in Special Education 3 Fall
ID 413 Internship Interdisciplinary Seminar 3 Fall
ED 610 Educational Research 3 Fall
Total Credits 48  

Admission Requirements

Eligible candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Completion of the Regis College Application for Admission, including a writing supplement
  2. Completion of an associate degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  3. Evidence of employment with BPS (letter confirming employment) or demonstration of graduation from BPS (official transcript)

Contact Information

Admission Contact

Program Director