The Transdisciplinary Addiction Professional (TransD) Certificate is a specialty program designed to develop healthcare professionals as expert clinicians and leaders in addictions care. The TransD Certificate embodies the mission of Graduate Counseling Programs and Regis College, and is grounded in the principles of transdisciplinary collaboration, culturally competent person-centered care, and community health. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to fill a significant need as addictions professionals and help to address the nationwide shortage of addictions care providers. This certificate program is comprised of graduate-level courses, thus requiring a minimum of a bachelor's degree. However, many of the students in our program already hold advanced degrees in mental health, healthcare, or allied health fields.

Note: Students interested in using TransD Certificate credits towards LADC (I or II) or CARN/CARN-AP will meet with a TransD advisor to review prior learning and field work to assess eligibility and a plan forward.

Average Credits
Per Credit
Average Total Tuition*

*Does not include fees. Based on the academic year 2022-2023. Cost per credit and total cost subject to inflation.

**Students employed by our partnership institutions may be eligible for a tuition discount. Check to see if your employer has a partnership agreement with Regis.

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For nursing applicants interested in the path to CARN-AP certification, please contact:

For applicants with existing behavioral health master's and/or doctoral level degrees in social work, counseling, clinical psychology, or psychiatry, please contact: