A Writing Minor is an excellent way for students in all majors and disciplines to enhance their critical reading skills and gain creative and professional writing experience that will serve them well in any career. Students can choose from a wide range of English/writing (EN), theater (TH) and communication (CO) courses to fulfill a Writing Minor. A number of courses include experiential and service-learning opportunities.

Course Requirements

18 semester hours


  • EN 105 Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking I
  • EN 106 Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking II

Required Courses

  • EN 223 Rhetoric: The Art of Written Communication
  • EN 227 Writing with Style
  • Final Writing Portfolio
  • 12 semester hours selected from the following:
    • EN 209 Creative Writing
    • EN 202 Publishing Hemetera (1/2 credit per semester; must take six semesters for three credit course equivalent)
    • EN 210 Poetry Workshop
    • EN 210B Fiction Workshop
    • EN 211 Writing About Texts
    • EN 2XX Interactive Fiction and Game Design
    • EN 229 Writing in Place (one credit)
    • EN 230 Creative Nonfiction
    • EN 303 Living Literature
    • EN 329 Writing for the Community
    • CO 219 Journalism
    • CO 220 Feature Writing
    • CO 240 Screenwriting
    • TH 308 Playwriting
    • TH 311 Oral History and Performance
    • Independent Study on a relevant topic (no more than one)