Gain the skills, expertise, and qualifications you need to advance your career in business management.

The business management degree completion program allows students to build upon previous credits and learn to understand how organizations function and, more important, to make them more efficient and effective. Regis educates leaders who understand the social, environmental, and economic implications of business decisions.


Students are expected to review and track their own progress towards completion of degree requirements. This is provided as a sample guideline - it does not reduce the importance of careful and regular discussions between a student and their academic advisor.

Important Reminders

  1. Courses are subject to change based on individual students’ transfer credits.
  2. This degree is intended for students who have a preponderance of transfer credits from the field of business.
Core and Foundation Courses
Course Credits NECC Equivalent(s)
CO 204 Public Speaking 3 COM 111
EC 201 Microeconomics 3 EC 201
EC 202 Macroeconomics 3 EC 202
EN 105 Writing Seminar 3 ENG 101
EN 106 Critical Reading, Thinking 3 ENG 102
Ethics 3 HES 201, PHI 110
Expressive Arts 3 Any ART, DAN, MUS, THE, or language class
History 3 Any HIS
Literature 3 Any LIT
MA 210 Statistics 3 to 4 MAT 125
Philosophy 3 Any PHI
Natural Science 3 to 4 Any BIO, CHM, ERS, PHS
Natural Science 4 Any BIO, CHM, ERS, PHS with lab
Social Science
Recommended: Introduction to Sociology
3 SOC 101 or any ANT, ECO, GEO, GOV, HIS, INT, PSY, SOC
Social Science
Recommended: Introduction to Psychology
3 PSY 101 or any ANT, ECO, GEO, GOV, HIS, PSY, SOC
Electives 15  
Prerequisite Credits 61 to 63  
Additional Required Courses: Can be Taken at Regis, NECC, or Elsewhere
Course Credits NECC Equivalent(s)
MT 340 Financial Management 3 FIN 201
ID 413 Interdisciplinary Internship Seminar 3 COP 110
MT 203 Leadership and Management 3 BUS 101
MT 204 Organizational Behavior 3 MGT 201, MGT 205
MT 209 Financial Accounting 3 ACC 101
MT 210 Managerial Accounting 3 ACC 102, ACC 203
MT 222 Principles of Marketing 3 MKT 210
MT 235 Software Applications 3 CIS 110, CIS 112
MT 304 Business Law and Ethics 3 BUS 211
Religious Studies 3 REL 101
Total 30  
Coursework to be Taken at Regis
Course Credits
EC 208 Economics in Film 3
MT 220 International Management 3
MT 230 Quantitative Methods for Business 3
MT 401 Business Strategies I: Theories and Concepts 3
MT 402 Business Strategies II: Application 3
Courses to complete the Minor/Graduate courses 15
Total 30

Total credits for degree: 121 to 123

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