A minor in economics at Regis provides the foundational understanding of economic principles while also giving students the opportunity to apply the classical theories to modern areas of inquiry such as the developing world, health care, and the environment. Students will conceptualize and analyze how and why economic activity occurs from the large-scale trade movements among the nations of the world down to the transactions between individuals, and everything in between.

The Economics Minor is an option for students from any major at Regis College.

Required Courses

  • EC201 Microeconomics
  • EC 202 Macroeconomics
  • Plus an additional twelve (12) credits chosen from the economics (EC) electives such as:
    • EC 203 The Global Economy
    • EC 205 Men, Women, and Work
    • EC 304 History of Economic Thought
    • EC 305 Money and Banking
    • EC 323 Managerial Economics
    • EC 326 Economics of Health Care
    • EC 328 Environmental Economics