The program is designed for registered and/or certified technologists. The program can be part-time or full-time and is offered in a variety of formats such as traditional courses, but courses are also offered online and in a hybrid format (both online and in class).

Students must take 30 credit hours at Regis in order to be awarded the bachelor of science degree in medical imaging from Regis College.

Required Courses

In order to graduate from Regis College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Imaging, students must have a minimum of 120 credits. Students will be awarded 55 credit hours for the completion of the Radiography program. The specific requirements for general education and the major are:

Core General Education

Course Credits
Associate Degree in Radiography * 55
EN 105 Writing Seminar I * 3
EN 106 Writing Seminar II * 3
ID 304 Exploring Ethics 3
MA 210 Statistics 3
History Requirement 3
Literature Requirement 3
Philosophy Requirement 3
Religion Requirement 3
Expressive Arts Requirement 3
Social Science 1 Requirement 3
Social Science 2 Requirement 3
Natural Science 1 Requirement * (A and P I may fulfill this requirement) 4
Natural Science 2 Requirement * (Course outside of Biology may fulfill this requirement) 4

MI Core

Total: 96 credits

Course Credits
MI 408 Leadership in Medical Imaging 3
MI 473 Quality Management in Imaging 3
MI 477 Research Methods in Medical Imaging 4
MI 650 Pathology Across Radiology Modalities 3
MI Approved Regis Elective 3
MI Approved Regis Elective 3
MI Approved Regis Elective 3
MI Approved Regis Elective 3
Elective (if necessary to fulfill residency) 3

Total: (up to) 30 credits (necessary to fulfill residency)

MI Electives

Course Credits
MI 310 Breast Imaging I 4
MI 311 Breast Imaging II 4
MI 350 Clinical MI Internship I 4
MI 351 Clinical MI Internship II 4
MI 351 Clinical MI Internship III 4
MI 305 Interventional Radiology I 4
MI 306 Interventional Radiology II 4
MI 476 Seminar: Medical Imaging 4
MI 462 Cross Sectional Imaging 3