Biology majors can choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts in Biology or a Bachelor of Science in Biology and work closely with their professors to study living organisms in order to better understand the science of life. Through independent research, lab work, and internships, biology students are prepared for a variety of career paths or graduate school. Biology majors enter fields such as medicine and allied health, basic science research, education, biotechnology, epidemiology, pharmaceutical sales, and laboratory management.

retention rate from sophomore to senior year
of Regis students participate in internships
of incoming Regis students receive scholarships or merit aid from the university

Alumni Spotlight: Alexis Nicole Zallas '13

Ovarian Cancer Research at Regis College
I was excited to be involved in the zebrafish research opportunity on campus. Zebrafish are so popular in the medical and biological industries right now because you can use them to study cancer. It was great to get that experience before I graduated.
Marissa Bennett '18, Biology
Zebrafish Lab at Regis College

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