A Minor in Nutrition provides an excellent compliment to numerous other fields of study such as nursing, exercise science, and public health. Explore how dietary intake impacts the individual and learn how to modify nutritional plans for healthy populations, as well as those with disease.


  • BI 105
  • BI 106
  • CH 103 or CH 105

Required Courses

  • HFS 150 Intro to Health and Fitness Studies or HFS 311 Health and Wholeness
  • HFS 250 Obesity and Body Weight Management
  • NU 205 Nutrition Across the Health Continuum
  • HFS 319 Lifestyle Nutrition
  • HFS 320 Community Nutrition
  • One Additional Elective
    • HFS 323 Menu Planning and Nutrition Counseling
    • HFS 324 Experimental Foods and Food Preparation
    • BI 211 Pathophysiology and Nutritional Therapy
    • Public Health Elective – approved by advisor
    (refer to outlined prerequisites for each course)