A Strategy for Your Future (Program Overview)

Strategic communication is an essential function of organizations from small nonprofits to large corporations. Since communication professionals play a vital role in brand development, crisis management, and the overall public perception of an organization, they are often key members of management teams, earning an annual average of over $80,000 *.

With more venues to communicate with consumers than ever, organizations need to have a strategic communication plan in place to create an active and loyal audience.

In the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication program at Regis College, you will learn how to build long-term relationships between your organization and the public and leverage the skills you develop such as intercultural communication, organizational communication, and new media communication, to effectively communicate your organization's story.

 * Senior Strategic Communications Specialist, according to Paysa

Fully Remote, Highly Personal (Modality: Online Plus)

So much of communication today is digital, yet the foundation of the profession remains rooted in individual interaction. The Regis strategic communication program was developed to bring a classroom-style experience to a completely online curriculum. Courses are scheduled synchronously to create community and generate interactivity among colleagues. Professors are available to meet by teleconference or phone. While the format of your education will reflect today’s technology, the foundation will be completely individualized. You can further customize your experience by choosing to specialize in the Sports Track, Nonprofit Track or general Strategic Communication Track.

A More Practical Practicum (Internships)

The ideal internships offer the most practical, hands-on experience. They also help build the strongest professional networks that often lead to the most desirable jobs.

Experiential learning is as important a part of your education as classes—for you and for your prospective employers. They want to know not only where you worked but what you were able to experience. Since internships at Regis can be entirely remote, you can accept a placement anywhere in the country, increasing your chance of finding an immersive, impressive hands-on experience at a top tier organization.

What Every Strategic Communication Professional Must Know, What Every Employer is Looking For

The skills you will learn while earning your degree align perfectly with the requirements you’ll find on most job descriptions in the profession. Whichever track you choose, you’ll graduate with the ability to:

  • Evaluate major communication theories and apply them in workplace settings.
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative research tools in professional settings.
  • Employ effective techniques for communicating with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Write clear and effective professional reports and messaging.
  • Collaborate in small groups using effective teamwork skills.
  • Design a strategic integrated marketing communication plan with new technologies.
A photo of Carol Giacomo '70 standing in front of the New York Times building

Speaking Her Mind

Formerly a diplomatic correspondent for Reuters, Carol Giacomo ’70 traveled to more than 100 countries with eight U.S. secretaries of state and then joined The New York Times editorial board. But before all of that, she found her start, and voice, at Regis.