Study human movement and the body’s physiological adaptations to exercise as you pursue a degree in exercise science. Students learn the scientific and medical aspects of physical activity, fitness, health and sport performance. The program includes a strong science-based curriculum with requirements in biology, chemistry and physics. Students then progress to courses in kinesiology, exercise assessment and programming, exercise physiology, and biomechanics which provide them with foundational knowledge and practical application of performance principles. Students gain hands-on experience in performing fitness evaluations, developing exercise prescriptions, and implementing these programs with peers, faculty and staff. Students are encouraged to gain experience outside the classroom as they progress through the program, and must complete two internships during their senior year of study.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program, students will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, human development and behavior, human movement, exercise principles, nutrition and health, and be able to apply this knowledge within various contexts.
  2. Analyze, evaluate and utilize research related to exercise, nutrition, and health.
  3. Perform health, fitness and performance assessments and utilize this information to develop safe and effective exercise programs based on the needs and goals of the individual or group.
  4. Integrate leadership, motivational strategies, and management skills in promoting principles of fitness, nutrition, health, and/or performance.
  5. Create and apply effective interventions and strategies for improving fitness, nutrition, health and/or performance of a diverse population including athletes, youth, adults and individuals with physical or health limitations.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of, and apply professionalism, interprofessional collaboration, and advocacy within exercise science and related fields.
With the help of Professor Fuller and Devin Cashman I was able to land an internship at Mass General Hospital my senior year of college which ended up turning into a job at the end of my internship. The Exercise Science program gave me the confidence I needed to show my supervisor how seriously I took the internship.
Taylor Bunkley '20, Exercise Science

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