This certificate is open to all students at Regis who wish to effectively communicate in Spanish in health-related situations both in the U.S. and abroad. It embodies Regis’ mission to provide opportunities for students to become engaged and global citizens. An advanced competency in Spanish is required.

The United States gains more and more Spanish speakers every year and it is definitely one of the most useful languages to know. I can picture myself speaking Spanish to a family of a patient and my hope would be to communicate well and make them feel at ease.
Rachel Mandeville, Nursing


The Certificate in Spanish for Health Sciences: Advanced Proficiency is comprised of 12 credits. Each course is 3 credits and students pursuing the certificate will also need to register for a one credit Experiential Learning section for each course taken.

The courses are as follows:

  • SP 100 Introductory Spanish for Health Sciences
  • SP 200 Intermediate Spanish for Health Sciences
  • SP 300 Advanced Spanish for Health Sciences

Students may be eligible to place out of SP 100 and SP 200 based on their level of proficiency. All students must take at least the advanced course (SP 300) in order to be able to obtain the certificate.  Students can place into this course via a placement test administered by an indicated faculty member in the Department of Humanities, or may take SP 200 or SP 100 and SP 200 as pre-requisites for SP 300.

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