The English Minor at Regis College allows students in other majors to pursue their love of literature. This minor is well suited if you love thinking critically, analytically, and creatively about stories and poetry.

Beginning with an introduction to literary studies, you will explore a wide range of literature. Courses complement a variety of majors — students in psychology and nursing may find the writing and healing courses beneficial to their studies.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to study theatre abroad in cities like Dublin to widen your perspectives and global understanding.

Required Courses

  • 18 English (EN) credits, including EN 211: Writing About Texts (a prerequisite to most 300-level English classes)
  • No more than six credits may be in a creative writing course (EN 209, EN 210, EN 230, EN 231, EN 334)
  • At least nine credits should be at the 300-level
  • EN 105 and EN 106 are not counted as part of the English major or minor