Why Earn a Degree in Education?

Amid the current teacher shortage, there is a strong demand for individuals with education degrees. This program will prepare graduates to apply for education licensure. Through this program, future teachers will learn how to make a meaningful impact on their future students lives.

Make an impact in the lives of your future students through education.

The education program at Regis College offers several pathways for students to become teachers upon graduation. Students learn how to plan curriculum at appropriate grade levels, demonstrate the ability to synthesize theory and practice in both college and pre-K through 12 settings, and learn about the curriculum at the appropriate grade level, including breadth, depth, integration, and application to a classroom setting.

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Program Options: Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary
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Participation in diverse field placement experiences
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incoming first-year Regis students receive merit scholarships or need-based aid

As a teacher candidate, you must be able to create an environment where diversity is valued, where support and challenge are consistent expectations, and where collaboration in creating a community of learners is the norm.

MTEL preparation is integrated into a student’s curriculum plan, beginning with courses designed towards the Communication and Literacy Exam. Through practice tests, drills, class discussions, and short writing assignments, students will learn the expectations and best practices for approaching the test.

As students’ progress to content specific exams, directed workshops are utilized to provide a personalized and intentional approach to the exams.

Education Program Options

As an education major, you can take education courses that lead to varying certification and licensure levels:

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Diverse Educator Full-Tuition Scholarship

Are you interested in serving as a teacher in underrepresented populations? Apply for the Regis College Diverse Educator (RDE) Scholarship, a full-tuition, four-year (fall and spring semester) undergraduate scholarship for residential students. Watch our Diverse Educators Scholarship video or contact Dr. Dariel DT Henry for application-specific information.

Alumni Spotlight: Kelsey Grimard '19

Kelsey Grimard '19 is currently an 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher at Woburn Public Schools. "I decided to come to Regis because of the community. When visiting Regis, everyone was extremely friendly and never turned down an opportunity to help. I knew that I could really excel in that environment and become that person that people came to for help."

Read Kelsey's alumni spotlight

Kelsey Grimard

This is

Kelsey Grimard '19

Regis helped me become independent and allowed me to student teach in the district that I am now working in. I was able to learn the tools that I needed to succeed in my profession and also help students along the way.

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP)

Regis' education program is proud to be part of KDP with our vibrant Alpha Theta Rho chapter. With the mission of fostering excellence in education and promoting fellowship among those dedicated to teaching, the Alpha Theta Rho chapter has contributed to the community at large through various initiatives such as supporting the Birthday Wishes organization, and donating children's books to local schools.

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What Can You do with an Education Degree?

Career options for education degree majors include both teaching and non-teaching opportunities:

  • Kindergarten and Elementary Teacher
  • Middle School Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Guidance or Career Counselor
  • Education Consultant
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Education Administrator
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Tutor

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