This interdisciplinary minor augments the existing biology or biomedical engineering major by requiring students to complete courses in Laboratory Operations Management (LOM) and Global Business Management (GBM) as well as participate in a one-semester, hands-on internal independent study and a one-semester external internship. LOM courses provide students with a comprehensive background in national biological and chemical safety standards, and rules regarding experimentation with animals.

Upon completion of the requirements for this minor, students have a comprehensive understanding of how multiple types of biological laboratories function to produce data related to genetics, infectious disease, and oncology research.

Required Courses

  • MT 203 Principles of Leadership/Management
  • MT 204 Organizational Behavior
  • MT 209 Financial Accounting
  • LOM I
  • LOM II
  • Individualized Study
  • Internship
  • One MT elective
I was offered an internship because I mentioned I was minoring in Laboratory Operations Management and it helped me stand out from other candidates. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for having Dr. Hogan as a mentor through my junior and senior year. I can confidently say that he has helped me tremendously in preparing me for my future in the industry.
Graciella Molinari