The Music Minor helps students grow as performers and composers and connect music to a variety of fields, including history, health care, gender studies, global studies, theater, education, and psychology. Students can participate in the Glee Singers, play an instrument in the instrumental ensemble, compose their own music, or explore the field of music therapy.

Required Courses

  • MU 103 Understanding and Creating Music I
  • MU 104 Understanding and Creating Music II
  • 12 credits from the following list must also be completed:
    • MU 208 History of Rock and Roll
    • MU 215 Music, Health, and Wholeness
    • MU 218 Global Music
    • MU 300 Instrumental Ensemble (must be taken 3 times; 1 credit per semester)
    • MU 306 Women and Music
    • MU 308 Music and Theater
    • MU 315 Regis Glee Singers (must be taken 3 times; 1 credit per semester)

Program Contact Information