Become a leader in the fastest growing sector in education: Student Success.

There has never been a more dynamic time to work in education. Students’ profiles and needs are radically different than they were in previous decades. Wrap-around academic support is a growth area as student retention is both an ethical and financial imperative. Forward-thinking institutions are re-aligning themselves to meet this challenge: job postings related to student academic success increased to 86% from 2013 to 2018 – by far the fastest increase of any sector in education.

Why is this program for you?

Regis’ new MEd in Student Success is designed for professionals who wish to be success-makers. Its forward-looking curriculum will prepare you for positions in Advising, Academic Coaching, Tutoring, and Disability Services. Created by industry-active experts, the curriculum is built on cutting edge research and theories on neurodevelopment, executive functioning, and diverse learning styles. You’ll develop the skills to tap into individual students’ strengths and create tailored strategies for success, as well as to work with groups of students to develop and manage learning communities.

This program is ideal for individuals drawn to the teaching and helping professions who wish to work with secondary and post-secondary students to help them succeed, using academic strategies as well as building social/emotional skills such as self-advocacy and resiliency. The coursework, combined with a shadowing requirement and a field placement, will open doors to a new career or greatly expand your current responsibilities.

Course Format

Courses are provided in a fully online format, however, we recognize that networking is important! As an MEd student, you will be invited to attend an optional twice-yearly lecture series that is customized for you with an accompanying reception. You are also able to complete one of your two placements in the Finucane and O’Sullivan Institute for Learning.

Online doesn’t equal anonymous! Whether you are able to come to campus or not, you will find that our instructors come to know you, your learning style, and your career aspirations.

Six credits, or two classes, may be transferred into Regis’ EdD in Higher Education Leadership.

Program Schedule

We strongly encourage students to move through the program in a cohort model. Our 1.3 year/4-term schedule of two classes per term enables you to continue working full time as you complete the degree. Our next cohort will begin in Summer 2020.