Photo of Regis student Charbel Elhelou
Charbel Elhelou ‘23

Charbel Elhelou ‘23, a biology major from Brockton, Massachusetts, is in his final year of Regis’ Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program. Designed for motivated students who want to get a head start on their careers, this program allows first-year students in select majors to take an intensive courseload and graduate in only three years, instead of four. These fully accredited programs offer the same high academic standards as four-year degrees by blending traditional curriculum with year-round programs and outside-the-classroom experience.

Elhelou was attracted to the program because he wanted to get a head start on his postgraduate studies and career. Since the program requires students to participate in three different internships or independent study opportunities, he expanded his work experience and added to his Curriculum Vitae (CV), while also completing the coursework for his major at the same time.

“The Regis Fast Track program has exposed me to a variety of different experiences and opportunities that I believe are very helpful for when I start my postgraduate studies and career work,” said Elhelou. “Regis has helped me develop into a more independent person. I feel more prepared for the real world and have a much clearer vision on how I want to start my career after graduation.”

As part of an independent study with Danqing Xiao, PhD, RT(MR), associate professor of biology at Regis, Elhelou researched the effects of white matter integrity in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients. His research was included in a published research paper that appeared in the European Journal of Neuroscience titled "White matter integrity and key structures affected in Alzheimer’s disease characterized by diffusion tensor imaging."

“One of my most memorable moments at Regis was working on this research paper. The experience has boosted my professional credibility tremendously, as I can include this achievement on my CV to reflect experience in research. I am grateful for being able to be a part of this wonderful team and thank Dr. Xiao for believing in me throughout this entire process. This has really enhanced my Regis College experience,” said Elhelou.

After Regis, Elhelou plans to obtain a master's in biology and hopes to pursue a career as a laboratory scientist.

About Regis' Fast Track programs

The Three-Year Bachelor's Degree option is currently offered for the following majors:

In addition to the Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program, Regis offers several other Fast Track program options: Fast Track to a Master's Program; Accelerated BS in Nursing for Non-Nurse College Graduates; and Accelerated BS to MS in Nursing for Non-Nurse College Graduates. These options provide pathways for students to receive bachelor’s or combined bachelor’s/master’s degrees in less time than traditional degree programs.