2020- 2021 Academic Year
Programs Cost Per Credit
MS in Health Administration $1,050.00
MA in Counseling $860.00
MA in Applied Behavior Analysis $910.00

Certificate: Transdisciplinary Addiction Professional Post-Grad

MS in Occupational Therapy $1,396.00 1
Doctor of Nursing Practice - BSN to DNP - five tracks 2 $1,310.00
Doctor of Nursing Practice - MSN to DNP - Leadership, Education, Global PH Tracks $1,310.00
MS Nurse Practitioner - five tracks 2 $1,170.00
MS in Nursing Leadership - four tracks $1,170.00
Certificate: Post-Master's Nursing Leadership $1,170.00
MS in Clinical Nurse Leader $1,170.00
Accelerated BSN for Non-Nurse College Graduates $1,185.00
Accelerated MSN for Non-Nurse College Graduates - five tracks 2 $1,595.00
Certificate: Advanced Practice Addictions Nursing $800.00
Certificate: Perioperative Nursing $800.00
Certificate: Simulation in Nursing Education $800.00
EdD - Higher Education Leadership $1,010.00
MEd in Student Success $700.00
MEd in Teaching Special Education - including initial licensure $700.00
MEd in Teaching Special Education - post-licensure master's $700.00
MA in Strategic Communication $750.00
  1. Only 56 credits out of 74 credits are billed at a cost of $1,845 per credit for a total program cost of $103,320.
  2. Psychology is an additional three credits

Tuition bills are not mailed out. All bills are posted online only. Please visit your Regis Access account to view your bill.

Other Fees

  • Graduation: $300
  • Student Health Insurance: $3,621
    • Students who take more than 6.75 credits can show proof of insurance in order to have the insurance fee waived.
  • Technology Service and Support: $570

All charges and fees are set by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change at any time.