Regis Graduate Program Tuition and Fees

Enrolling in a graduate program can be a valuable investment, providing career growth opportunities for students through the advanced knowledge and skills they can acquire. While the cost of tuition can be a significant factor to consider, the value of a master's degree can far outweigh the cost.

Regis College prides itself in providing master's programs that can lead to increased earning potential and career advancement. By carefully considering the costs and benefits of a master's degree, students can confidently pursue their academic and professional goals and invest in their future success.

Cost Per Credit for Graduate Programs

Due to the high level of education and specialized training involved, cost per credit for a graduate program may be more than an undergraduate program. Regis offers a wide range of graduate programs at varying price points, giving students the flexibility to find a program that meets their budget and career goals.

Moreover, financial aid and scholarships are often available to help offset the cost of attendance to ensure all students have access to quality education. For example, Regis’s educational partnership program provides 10% to 25% tuition discounts to students employed with one of our strategic partners.

Therefore, with careful planning and research, many students can confidently pursue a rewarding graduate educational experience that fits within their budget.

Below, we provide a wide range of graduate program options as well as their cost per credit to help you find the perfect fit.

2024-2025 Academic Year

School of Nursing
ProgramCost Per Credit
Certificate: Transdisciplinary Addiction Professional Post-Grad$895.00
Accelerated BSN for Non-Nurse College Graduates (16-Month Program)$1,285.00
24-Month BS in Nursing$1,285.00
Accelerated MSN for Non-Nurse College Graduates - five tracks 2$1,595.00
MS Nurse Practitioner - five tracks 2$1,275.00
MS in Nursing Leadership - four tracks$1,275.00
MS in Clinical Nurse Leader$1,275.00
Doctor of Nursing Practice - BSN to DNP - five tracks 2$1,425.00
Doctor of Nursing Practice - MSN to DNP - Leadership, Education, Global PH Tracks$1,425.00
School of Health Sciences
ProgramCost Per Credit
MA in Applied Behavior Analysis$1,030.00
MA in Counseling$950.00
MA in Mental Health Research and Leadership$950.00
MS in Regulatory and Clinical Research Management$1,095.00
MS in Occupational Therapy$1,670.00 1
MS in Speech Language Pathology$1,260.00
MA in Health Administration$875.00
School of Arts and Sciences
ProgramCost Per Credit
Certificate in Teaching Special Education$780.00
Certificate in Teaching Elementary Education$780.00
MEd in Teaching Special Education - including initial licensure$780.00
MEd in Teaching Special Education - post-licensure master's$780.00
Dual Master’s Degree in ABA and MEd Special Education$780.00
MEd in Student Success$780.00
EdD - Higher Education Leadership$1,135.00
School of Business and Communication
ProgramCost Per Credit
MA in Strategic Communication$845.00
Professional MBA$925.00
  1. ​ Only 56 credits out of 74 credits are billed for $1,670 per credit, for a total program cost of $93,520.
  2. ​ Psychology is an additional three credits

Tuition bills are not mailed out; all bills are posted online through the Regis Hub only. Log into the Hub and click "Student Finance" to view your bill per semester.

Checking Your College Finances

Students can check their finances by logging into their student account or financial aid portal provided by their college or university. These accounts typically include information on tuition fees, course registrations, billing statements, and payment options.

At Regis, tuition bills are not mailed out; all bills are posted online through the Regis Hub. Log into the Hub and click "Student Finance" to view your bill per semester.

By regularly checking your student account and financial aid portal, you can stay up-to-date on your college finances and make informed decisions about your education.

Other Graduate Associated Fees and Expenses

Attending graduate school or pursuing a master's degree can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it's important to be aware of associated expenses outside of tuition.

For example, at Regis there are additional costs students should expect, such as:

  • Graduation: $300
  • Student Health Insurance: 2024-2025 are available (Students who take more than 6.75 credits can show proof of insurance in order to have the insurance fee waived)
  • Technology Service and Support: $580

Please note, that while these charges are set by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change at any time, it’s still important to factor these fees into your overall graduate education cost.

While these fees can add up, they are a necessary investment in your education and can provide valuable resources and support throughout your academic journey.

By planning ahead and taking advantage of these available resources, you can confidently pursue your academic goals and enjoy all the benefits that graduate education has to offer.