Port of Entry | Immigration and Customs Process

At your port of entry into the United States, there will be a customs inspection and immigration process. The Immigration Officer will check your passport, Visa Certificate, and I-20 Form. Customs officials will ask about the things you are bringing in to the U.S.

The university recommends that you carry copies of your admission letter from Regis College and Certification of Finances in case you are asked for them. It is also a good idea to bring a copy of your immunization record.

Form I-94

Form I-94 is an important document showing that you have been legally admitted to the United States and it will be endorsed by an Immigration Officer.

Upon arrival you will be asked to complete immigration and customs forms, including Form I-94. Make sure the information you provide on the I-94 is the same as on your SEVIS documentation and passport. Keep this document in your passport at all times.

Customs Regulations

Customs regulations prohibit travelers from bringing perishable food, narcotics, agricultural goods, and items for resale into the United States. If you plan to bring prescription medications, have your prescriptions written in English in case they need to be declared.