Regis is committed to providing our university community with support and resources regarding information about DACA. Below you will find resources on and off campus to help inform our students, faculty, and staff.


On Campus

Mental Health

Understanding what the changes to DACA and other immigration policies can be stressful for all those impacted. Regis offers free, confidential counseling to all students.

For assistance with general counseling inquiries or to schedule an appointment, please call Health Services at 781.768.7290. For urgent counseling issues and to speak with a member of our counseling staff when Health Services is closed, please contact the Regis College Police Department at 781.768.7111 and ask to be connected to the on-call Student Affairs staff member. For all other non-urgent counseling needs, please contact Gail Hanson-Mayer at Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates in Wellesley at 781.489.2300.

Center for Ministry and Service

The Center for Ministry and Service team is available to meet with anyone in the community with concerns. St. Joseph Hall Room 4. University chaplain Father Paul Kilroy is available to talk with anyone confidentially or to establish a support group.

The Center for Global Connections

The Center for Global Connections is students' one-stop resource for education abroad opportunities that help to expand their cultural perspective on a global scale. The Center also serves as the go-to resource for international students studying at Regis College.

Off Campus