Students are encouraged to find additional sources of funding through outside scholarships. Private scholarships are provided by organizations unaffiliated with Regis College such as community foundations, civic organizations, national groups, family foundations, businesses and others. For these scholarships, you will apply directly to the sponsoring organization. Below is a list of websites with more information.

Scholarship Search Websites

Several websites maintain databases of private scholarships making it easier to find ones that match your strengths. Deadlines vary. Below are some free scholarship search websites:

Specific Scholarship Opportunities

The following outside scholarship opportunities are organized by the month in which applications are due. Be sure to plan ahead and ensure the organization receives all required documents by the deadline. Regis does not endorse any of these programs, however provides the information for your convenience. Please contact the source directly with questions.

  • American Chemical Society Scholars Program
    March 1 deadline
    Open to high school seniors, first-year college students, as well as college sophomores and juniors intending to or already majoring in biochemistry. Must meet specific GPA and ethnicity requirements.
  • Massachusetts Nursing Foundation Scholarships
    June 1 deadline
    A variety of scholarship opportunities for nursing students.
  • La Unidad Latina Foundation
    January 1 and September 1 deadlines
    Educational scholarships are awarded to Hispanic students on a competitive basis and range from $250 to $1000. Applications are only accepted within the 45-day period prior to the deadline. That is, as of January 1 for the February 15 deadline, and September 1 for the October 15 deadline.