Financing Your Graduate or Professional Degree at Regis

We are here to support you through the financial aid application process and advise on alternative funding options. Students enrolled in our master's degree programs are eligible to apply for financial aid in the forms of loans and work study. Students enrolled in our second bachelor or bachelor completion programs are eligible to apply for undergraduate federal student aid.

In order to be eligible for financial aid, you must be fully accepted into a program and in most cases enrolled in at least six credits. If you have not received an acceptance letter, or have not yet applied to a graduate program, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 781.768.7330 or

You can contact the Office of Financial Aid to schedule an appointment in person or by phone at 781.768.7270 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Graduate Financial Aid FAQs

Return of Federal Funds (Federal Loans)

Any student who cancels enrollment, withdraws, is dismissed, or leaves the institution without notice through non-participation will be subject to a return of federal funds calculation (i.e. Title IV Funds, i.e. federal loans) to comply with Federal Student Financial Aid policy.

When you withdraw, the Office of Financial Aid will perform the federal Return of Title IV Funds calculation that determines how much of your federal student aid you may keep and how much must be returned to the Department of Education based on your original financial aid amount and the number of days you were enrolled and participating at least part time.

These policies apply to on-campus masters’ students who discontinue enrollment in all classes, on, or after the first day of the term.

Additional circumstances applying to the return of federal funds for online master’s students:

  • Online master’s students are enrolled in modules. When one student does not complete all the calendar days in which he or she was scheduled to attend (in a semester) they are subject to a calculation of return of Title IV funds.

In other words, a return of federal funds is calculated when there is a period in the payment period when the student is not attending any classes and was originally scheduled to attend.

  • As an example, a student is registered to module A and C. If (s)he withdraws from A only, no return will be calculated as there is no break in the student’s attendance that semester. The module C spans the entire length of the payment period.
  • Another example is if a student had registered to A and B only and drops A after the first add/drop period, the school cannot assume (s)he will be back for B and a calculation for return of funds will be made, unless the student has specified, he will be back for module B on the withdrawal form.
  • To maintain eligibility for federal student aid, online graduate students must be actively participating in their coursework and be enrolled in at least a part time status.

To be considered active, students will be expected to login to their online course(s) in the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and participate on at least two (2) different days minimum each module and complete at least two (2) “Academic Activities” minimum in each weekly module.*

* Deadlines and number of activities available will vary by individual course at the discretion of the appropriate online program director.

“Academic Activities” may include but are not limited to any combination of the following:

  • Posting to discussion boards within the online course.
  • Turning in an assignment within the online course.
  • Taking a quiz, test, or other assessment within the online course.
  • Viewing video content or reading course materials.
  • Participating in asynchronous session via Zoom or other webinar tools.

A student who is unable to take part in a given module’s activities must contact the course faculty prior to any assignment deadlines. Make-up work is accepted at the discretion of the course faculty.

Students who fail to actively participate will be subject to a return of federal funds according to federal regulations.

Students who decide to withdraw from a course or from their entire program must complete the appropriate withdrawal form.

The forms are located in the SPIKE student portal under the graduate academic forms section; Course withdrawal form, Program withdrawal form and Leave of Absence form.

If you intend to withdraw or are considering dropping a course and would like to know the consequences on your financial aid award, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or call the Center of Student Services at 781.768.7270.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

To maintain eligibility for your federal student aid, Satisfactory Academic Progress must be met. The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy for Title IV federal aid is based on the current Academic Standing policy that Regis follows.

To qualify for the degree, a graduate student must attain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0. In addition to maintaining the required GPA, a student must complete a minimum of 67% of attempted courses.

Different graduate programs have specific requirements regarding what constitutes Satisfactory Academic Progress.

For instance, to progress in the graduate nursing program, students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.7 and cannot receive a grade below 2.7 (B-) in any nursing course. Any student who fails two nursing courses in the nursing curriculum will not be allowed to progress in the nursing major.” A second failure results in dismissal from the program”.

All federal aid eligible students will be reviewed at the end of each payment period for grade point average and rate of completion (qualitative and quantitative). If federal eligibility is lost, a student has the right to complete an appeal process to request re-instatement of federal aid.

The SAP appeal form can be requested from the Office of Financial Aid, please email