Leading experts from across the country will gather for an extended forum on the future of brain and spinal cord injury prevention and treatment at Regis in Weston on September 13.

Panelists include thought leaders from the Boston University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital. Other panelists include the director of research and development at the Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices Companies as well as the director of new product innovation for a football helmet manufacturer.

The panel is hosted by Regis in partnership with the Medical Development Group of Boston, a community of individuals professionally committed to the medical device and other medical technology industry segments and united by the belief that innovation and advances in technology lead to substantial improvements in health care.

BU School of Medicine professor Robert Cantu, MD, will serve as keynote speaker for the panel. Dr. Cantu is an internationally renowned neurosurgeon who has worked with industry, NHL, NFL and other sports organizations to increase public awareness of concussion and help prevent its occurrence among students and professional athletes. Dr. Cantu will present research that ties total brain trauma, sub-concussive and concussive, to later life neuro-degenerative disease including CTE.

Dr. Cantu recommends student athletes should “learn concussion symptoms and never play symptomatic.” He will also give his recommendation on what age youth should play collision sports and why.

Presenters will speak on identifying brain injury with CT scans, restoring brain function, and cutting-edge protective equipment. The forum will also focus on spinal cord injury and means for stabilization, research on computer interface implants to circumvent spinal cord injuries and the promise of tissue engineering to restore function in severed spinal cords.

MDG Boston president Peter Madras, MD, said, “These developments, unimaginable only a few years ago, have replaced despair with hope for the future.”

MDG Boston forums showcase new medical technology, ideas and opportunities to enhance the professional development of members while benefiting members’ companies through more knowledgeable employees. Visit MDG online to attend or for more information.