Jr. Tech's Statewide Event Expands Girls' STEM Horizons to Close Gender Gap in Workforce

Regis College is pleased to be the facility partner for the Girls STEM Summit-Statewide 2018, a one-day experience for young women in grades 8–12 who love Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Jr.Tech, a Massachusetts non-profit educational organization that focuses on STEM, is the lead organizer for this premier summit.


Sunday, April 8


Regis College


8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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“Regis is pleased to serve as the facility partner for the Annual Girls STEM Summit-Statewide for the fifth consecutive year,” said Malcolm Asadoorian, vice president of Academic Affairs at Regis. “It is a great opportunity for these students and parents to get to know Regis and for us to showcase our campus and excellent STEM programs. This year we will present a session on Diagnostic Medical Sonography.”

The key goals of Girls STEM Summit–Statewide are to:

  • educate young women about the various STEM career paths through hands-on experience;
  • encourage students to continue studying these disciplines throughout high school in order to prepare for college;
  • inspire through interaction with female professional role models;
  • impact decision-making at a critical period; and
  • close the gender gap in the STEM workforce.

“Not only is there a gender gap in STEM, there is a shortage of a STEM skilled labor force and the problem is growing,” said Phyllis Russell, president of Jr.Tech. “Through the Girls STEM Summit-Statewide, we aim to inspire more women to enter STEM degree programs which will ultimately aid in building a skilled labor force.”