The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education has named Regis College President Antoinette Hays, PhD, RN to its Board of Higher Education Task Force on Nursing Education and Workplace Development given her depth of experience as a practicing nurse and educator. Dr. Hays will represent independent colleges and universities.

"Following the stressful period of the pandemic, a nursing shortage has developed that is becoming a public health threat in the New England region and nationally,” said President Antoinette Hays, PhD, RN. “With private colleges and universities in Massachusetts graduating an overwhelming majority of nurses each year, this task force provides opportunities for public and private entities to collaborate to address this acute shortage. I look forward to the meaningful work of this Task Force to develop achievable solutions to not only the nursing shortage, but to the policies in place as well.”

In response to the local, regional, and national global nursing shortage, the BHE Task Force on Nursing seeks to develop a sustainable approach to form stronger relationships with nursing students and the workforce. Additionally, this Task Force will work together to address the current health care policies and practices in place to provide students with the most sustainable learning environment possible. Not only will this result in advancements within nursing education, but it will address the current and future needs of the Commonwealth.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, “Higher education must collaborate with healthcare providers (employers), state agencies, advocacy organizations and other partners to ensure a systemic, comprehensive, and sustainable approach to nurse education and workforce development that will meet the commonwealth’s future health care needs.”

The Task Force will meet five times between June and September of 2024. During these meetings, members will discuss and evaluate how Massachusetts governs higher education nursing and will begin implementing important strategies such as plans for racial equality and student success to their practices.