Dear Regis community,

Regis stands with all of those affected by the harmful repeal of DACA by the president. We urge lawmakers of all parties to work together and continue to provide critical status to young people who have done nothing wrong and have lived most of their lives in the United States. I have personally reached out to Congresswoman Clark to express my disappointment in this decision and urge her to push for a quick legislative remedy. Our leadership team is working to understand who in our community may be affected by this decision and how we can best support them. Their dreams are our dreams, and we will stand with them in every way possible including the following:

The university will do everything within its legal powers to support our community and keep our members safe. Outside the established requirements of the visa-sponsorship programs we participate in, the university does not provide lists or other information based on an individual’s immigration or citizenship status to external parties or authorities. Campus police will not detain, seek out, or assist in deporting a university student or employee solely based on immigration status.

I pledge to you that Regis will always welcome all without distinction and remains committed to caring for our dear neighbor.


Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN